Peter Murphy, a sort of Don Quixote, a knight-errant hero surviving Bauhaus myth and David J as his squire introduced us to the Portuguese night in a very unusual way; King Volcano and Kingdom’s Coming, white flag to start the race… Double Dare, In The Flat Field, A God in an Alcove and Silent Hedges… just six songs to forget this one is supposed to be Bauhaus at its fifty percent, and no doubt about it, this is Bauhaus one hundred percent, this is even the best Bauhaus we may listen to and John and Marc are more into Bauhaus than Bauhaus managed to in the good old days.



Black and white, Boys (Bela Lugosi’s Dead B-Side), 1998 Reunion Tour show-stopper opened the so-called Greatest Hits set: She’s In Parties, Kick In The Eye, Bela Lugosi’s Dead and The Passion of Lovers. Ziggy is missing, Bowie too… and we also miss spiders and Mars such a tribute, maybe next time will be, and none of us seemed to miss Daniel and Kevin, they both were blown away by John and Marc.

In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti‘. Murphy shouted out loud this once vetoed song, five intense and astonishing minutes near the end of the night and Dark Entries to follow, another single without an album, another lost song echoed the Portuguese night, Mr. Moonlight howling at the moon and then we all found ourselves shining bright while Severance, the logical choice, waved goodbye and Ruby finishing touch in our golden memories.


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01. King Volcano
02. Kingdom Coming
03. Double Dare
04. In The Flat Field
05. A God in an Alcove
06. Silent Hedges
07. Boys
08. She’s In Parties
09. Kick In The Eye
10. Bela Lugosi’s Dead
11. The Passion of Lovers
12. Stygmata Martyr
13. Dark Entries
14. Encore Break
15. Severance

1 hour and 7 minutes [Encore included]

Peter Murphy and David J Celebrating the Music of Bauhaus
EDP Vilar de Mouros Festival, Vilar de Mouros, Portugal
August 23rd, 2018.

EDP Vilar de Mouros

The Borderline Music [Special thanks to Kiko and to each and everyone at Press Department at Festival]

Peter Murphy

David John Haskins

John Andrews

Marc Slutsky





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